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The Butterfly Effect
Lung Cancer kills more people than all other cancers combined and this fact has been lost in a cloud of stigma. We intend to change this by following the principles of the Butterfly Effect (theBE), where the small things that we do now will have a profound effect in the future. Our priority is to create an environment of acceptance, support and activism that can facilitate much needed strides in research and care for this most deadly disease.
Our Inspiration
Our cause is guided by the inspiration and memory of Siobhan Usher, who was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in the prime of her life, despite having lived a healthy lifestyle and having never smoked cigarettes.
Our Symbol
The Butterfly was Siobhan’s favourite and the embodiment of her spirit. It is also a symbol of transformation, something that is is much needed in the fight against lung cancer and central to the design is an illustration of a set of lungs.
OneWalk Toronto
On Saturday, September 10th we did a small thing towards our goal of raising money and awareness for lung cancer by walking in the OneWalk to conquer cancer benefitting Princess Margaret Hospital. We raised $25,355 (just above our 25K goal) that has been directed towards Lung Cancer care and research at the hospital. You can still donate by clicking below.
From the Globe and Mail
Asbestos is the top on-the-job killer in Canada. But a Globe and Mail investigation has found that this stark fact has been obscured by the country’s longstanding economic interest in the one-time “miracle mineral.”

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